Our R&D services cover the development of everything from small building blocks like drivers to complete turnkey systems.

Whether it is for handheld medical devices or, as in this example, complex Hardware-in-the-Loop systems for automotive applications, our experience with hardware, firmware and software development ensures that all components of your system are perfectly matched.

Based on a microATX backplane, this example Hardware-in-the-Loop system uses up to three proFRAME x4 PCI Express boards to realize its data logging and timestamping functionality. The proFRAME x4 PCBs serve as interface boards for connection up to four digital cameras in an automotive application. Their core is a Xilinx Spartan-6 FPGA with up to 1 GB DDR3-SDRAM that is used as a dual framebuffer. Each board offers four slots for LVDS camera adapters, two on each side of the board. LVDS cables of up to 10 meters length are supported.

The FPGA processes the incoming data and adds a header with a timestamp and an ID tag. It also serves as an I2C master, handling the I2C signals included in the LVDS interface, e.g., to add related information like GPS coordinates for data logging purposes. The additional information is received via a Fast Ethernet interface. An expansion port enables the connection of a computer-on-module (COM) to add intelligence.


  •  Connection of up to 4 digital cameras
  •  Hard real-time
  •  ns-based qualification 
of Advanced Driver Assistance Systems

Solectrix Services:

  •  Complete hardware and FPGA design
  •  Prototyping
  •  Verification and qualification support
  •  System integration and verification
  •  IP-Core implementation and verification