September 2015

New website www.solectrix.de launched.

August 2015

The Solectrix workforce reaches 76 employees:

  • 45 in engineering (hardware, software, FPGA)
  • 10 in project and technical management
  • 11 in production and logistics
  • 10 in office, sales and marketing

June 2014

FPGA microsite www.fpga.sx launched.

February 2014

Imaging microsite www.imaging.sx launched.

September 2010

Successful cooperation of the companies Anadicon, Freising, and Solectrix Systems GmbH, Nuremberg, under the brand name sinaCAM. The first result is the "sinaCAM Next Generation 2D/3D HD Color Camera", with its market introduction scheduled for spring 2011. More information on www.sinaCAM.eu

July 2010

We celebrate our 5th Anniversary and the move with over 150 guests.

March 2010

Solectrix and Solectrix Systems move to the new offices on the AEG compound, Fürther Str. 244b in Nuremberg. On approx. 1,200 square meters we offer our employees and customers:

  • A spacious reception and waiting area
  • An ESD-protected lab with state-of-the-art measuring instruments, microscopes and analyzers
  • Two meeting rooms
  • Offices with lots of glass and modern equipment for approx. 50 employees
  • A dining area of approx. 80 square meters that can also be used for training courses and other events
  • A production area of approx. 100 square meters where small-scale series of up to 1000 pcs. can be manufactured, maintained and verified, also available for use by Solectrix Systems.



Expansion of the workforce to approx. 40 people, expansion of the office in Allersberger Str. 185, Nuremberg. Expansion of the production and storage area.

December 2008

The three shareholder-management directors Stefan Schütz, Jürgen Steinert and Lars Helbig establish Solectrix Systems GmbH, a production and sales company working closely with Solectrix. This way, we can offer our customers an even broader range of services. Small-scale production runs can be executed directly by Solectrix Systems, resulting in a time and cost advantage for the customer.

Q3/4 2008

9 new hires in hardware, software and firmware development Number of employees: 25, including:

  • 19 development engineers
  • 1 technician for logistics, production and testing
  • 2 layout designers
  • 1 trainee (system informatics technician embedded systems)
  • 2 assistents


  • 2 embedded developers
  • 1 system administrator
  • 2 employees for graphics, web design, marketing
  • 1 sales representative
  • 1 graduand

Q1/2 2008

4 new hires in software and firmware development

Number of employees: 16

Plus 4 freelancers for IT, graphics, marketing, sales

Q3 2007

Two new hires in hardware development and project management

Solectrix is a training company certified by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce.

Trainee hired: system informatics technician embedded systems

Number of employees: 12

Q4 2006

Two new hires in software and layout design

Number of employees: 9

Plus 3 freelancers for IT and marketing

Q1 2006

Move to new offices

Number of employees: 7

Q4 2005

Jürgen Steinert joins as third associate

June 2005

Foundation by Lars Helbig and Stefan Schütz