From a circuit diagram to a fully realized PCB: Solectrix offers all services related to hardware design.


Depending on your needs we can take care of design, layout, verification, and even small series in-house production. We’ve worked on everything from simple I/O adapter boards to powerful control units for complex modular industrial systems, implementing state-of-the art processors and microcontrollers (ARM, Cortex, PowerPC).

Today’s demands for high-speed I/O mean that signal integrity cannot be taken for granted. Profit from our experience with high-speed memory interfaces (DDR2, DDR3…), high-speed I/O like PCI Express® 3.x (up to 8 Gbit/s per lane) and SerDes design at up to 12.5 Gbit/s. We use tools like Mentor Graphics HyperLynx to simulate complex multi-board systems and ensure signal integrity.

State-of-the-art processor and microcontroller systems

ARM, Cortex, PowerPC, 8…32-bit microcontrollers, x86 module integration


SATA Rev. 3.x, DDR3, NAND storage, 10GbE, VMEbus, Firewire, CAN, USB, MOST, Profibus

Analog Design

ADC, DAC, power supplies, signal conditioning, EMC and EMI protection, signal integrity

Measurement Equipment

High-speed oscilloscope, spectrum and protocol analyzer, HF antennas, meters, temperature chamber


Mentor DxDesigner, PADS, Expedition, HyperLynx; Cadence OrCAD; Altium Designer; CadSoft Eagle