3.5K camera platform for ARRI’s ALEXA series

The first camera on the scene remains at the center of ARRI’s ALEXA family; it is the keystone of a modular and upgradeable system with exceptional image performance that is simple to operate, reliable in even the most extreme environments and versatile enough to cover a wide range of workflow and budget requirements.

 Official ARRI ALEXA page

Solectrix contributions to the ALEXA series:

  •  Involved in the development of many model upgrades: ALEXA, ALEXA Plus, ALEXA Plus 4:3, ALEXA       Studio, ALEXA XT, ALEXA XT Plus, ALEXA XT Studio
  •  Hardware design of digital core and interfaces
  •  FPGA design of digital core and interfaces
  •  Hardware design of storage unit for SxS cards and SSDs
  •  Architecture and implementation of complete image processing chain from sensor linearization to       video outputs
  •  Architecture and implementation of image compression and storage (DTE)
  •  Development of real-time BSP and application software
  •  Prototyping, verification, tooling and life cycle management